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19 Aug 2015
Living Music
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6 Feb 2015
Living Music
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6 Jun 2014
Living Music
Most of the time, we are all so involved with booking concerts, organizing programs, preparing for concerts, rehearsing, etc., that we spend little time thinking about what, as performing artists, we might be leaving behind. In an inherently imper...
15 Mar 2014
Living Music
Playing Beyond the Notes by Deborah Sinn Playing music? Oh my! Listening to music? Wonderful! Thinking about music? A treat. Talking about music? So interesting. Writing about music? Who, me? This is what I’m doing at the moment, diving into ...
21 Nov 2013
Living Music
Lark initiatives and endeavours  Ah, there's some good Canadian spelling coming to the fore! I wanted to share two projects that my quartet, The Lark Quartet , has taken on in full force this year, and ask for your support in our current fundra...
1 Oct 2013
Living Music
Stinson to perform at Merkin Concert Hall. "Time" Cellist Caroline Stinson in Recital with pianist Molly Morkoski November 6, 2013 at 8:00 PM, Merkin Hall, New York City Concert Listing Elliott Carter, Cello Sonata Branic...
24 Sep 2013
Living Music
Working closely together at Token Creek It seems like an inherent contradiction to, first, deeply value an artistic experience because of its existence outside of any marketing bent, brand or play, and, then, to turn around and blog about it. B...
13 Jul 2013
Living Music
As performing artists our world is not only enriched by our collaborators and colleagues, it is fueled by them.  The process of finding these special people lasts a lifetime and is first established in those eager encounters at summer camp, our or...
3 Dec 2012
Living Music
Working with ISCM League of Composers this summer. "Trying out the idea of a blog and thanks to the great photography of the ISCM League of Composers here's a photo of Chris Finckel and I deep in discussion this past summer. More to come…."

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Bloch: Suite for Cello solo no 3
Sessions: Pieces (6) for Cello solo
Harbison: Suite for Solo Cello
Lutoslawski: Grave
Stucky: Dialoghi
Waggoner: Le Nom (Upperline)
Weesner: Possible Stories
Boulanger: Pieces (3) for Cello and Piano
Carter: Figment

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