Press Release: Sep 24th, 2013
1 Oct 2013
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Caroline Stinson
Stinson to perform at Merkin Concert Hall.
"Time"Cellist Caroline Stinson in Recitalwith pianist Molly Morkoski

November 6, 2013 at 8:00 PM,
Merkin Hall, New York City
Concert Listing

Elliott Carter, Cello Sonata
Branic Howard,  Folds and Overlays for cello & electronics 
(World Premiere)
Joan Tower, Très Lent
T. Patrick Carrabre, Ancestral Drones for cello & electronics written for Caroline Stinson 
(US Premiere)
Magnus Lindberg, Konzertstück for cello and piano
New York City, NY -  Canadian cellist Caroline Stinson, an "unusually adept contemporary-music specialist" (The New Yorker), presents a compelling and thought-invoking program of music for cello with piano and electronics in her Merkin Hall solo recital debut this November 6, 2013. Sponsored by the Consulate General of Finland in New York, Ms. Stinson has created a musical evening exploring composers uniquely interested in Time, how music is conceived within it and the various ways in which we experience Time through music. Brought about by a series of events going back to 2009, when she attended a cello seminar with Finnish cellist Anssi Karttunen, the concept of Time has also provided the context for the works presented this concert, a perspective that continually changes as music evolves.
Ms. Stinson has a direct connection with each work, beginning with Elliott Carter's landmark Cello Sonata of 1948; she worked directly with the composer in his New York City apartment while a student at Juilliard, where she studied the piece with Joel Krosnick. 
The world premiere of Branic Howard's Folds and Overlays is based on Jorge Luis Borges' short story, On Exactitude in Science. The composer writes: a map is created, so detailed and expansive, it 'coincides point for point' with the empire it superimposes. The map is rendered useless over time, as the inhabitants of the empire no longer find geography fashionable. They rid of the map by allowing it to deteriorate in the weather. In time, animals and beggars inhabit the threadbare particles of the map; they take shelter in the detritus of this cartographic overlay. Folds and Overlays hopes to capture this idea of the hyperreal by literally laying a map of timbral processing over the cello-except the map changes through time. The cellist navigates through these subtly shifting sound worlds, where our proximity to the natural cello and the hyperreal one are in continual play."
Ms. Stinson first performed Joan Tower's Tres Lent with the composer at Maverick Concerts in Woodstock, NY in 2002. Influenced by Olivier Messiaen, the work is the composer's "attempt to make 'slow' music work."
Next in the program will be the  US premiere of T. Patrick Carrabre's Ancestral Drones(Ms. Stinson gave the world premiere of the work in Canada in 2011). Commissioned for her, the work, in the composer's words, "tries to place the virtuosity of our western tradition into the context of a more primordial music making, where the cry of the soul sings through those notes that lean into the drone and call us to float with them."
The program concludes with Magnus Lindberg's Konzertstuck for cello and piano. Ms. Stinson first met Mr. Lindberg in 2010, when he heard her perform Esa-Pekka Salonen's fiendishly difficult solo cello work, YTA III, at New York City's Poisson Rouge. 
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